About Me


Thanks so much for stopping by.

My name is Sabrina. I am a mid-thirty year old woman, mother to three boys (two are twins) wife to wonderful husband. I am also a registered social worker in the mental health field.  I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I attended McMaster University and obtained degrees in Sociology and Social Work.

I play baseball. I ride my bike. I read poetry. I love vegetable gardens. I like country music. I like hip-hop music. I am acutely aware of the oddity that is the combination of my interests.

I like writing. I didn’t even know I liked writing until I started. Thank you for the support people have shown me over the last few years. I can’t express that to you enough.

I am also a Christian. My personal faith is something that I enjoy writing about. I became a Christian 8 years ago and now attend a reformed church where a solid community has adopted me and taken me in as their own.

Thanks so much again. I always appreciate feedback or just quick messages to say you’ve stopped in. Have a wonderful day.



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